On the 1st Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…projects you can whip up in a flash for all of those gifts you forgot you needed to give!

The holiday season has officially snuck up on us. As of this post, there are only eight more days until the start of Hanukkah and nine more days until Christmas! EEEP! So we’re here with three projects you can crank out just in time.


First off is the Crinkle Cowl kit from Universal Yarns. This kit includes everything you need for a lovely and sparkly cowl, plus a bag you can reuse for all of those future planned projects. These kits are available in cream, denim blue, and black. Each kit is $45.50.

Second are Bella’s Mittens, a free pattern available on Ravelry, made using one skein of Berroco Inca Tweed. This super soft and delightfully tweedy chunky yarn will keep your hands warm on even the coldest of winter’s days. Plus, the added length helps protect your arms from the snow that always seems to work its way down our coat sleeves. The total cost for this project is $16, needles not included.

Last is the Calorimetry headband, also a free pattern on Ravelry, made using one skein of Cascade Cloud. This yarn is a 70/30 merino wool and alpaca blend and has a hollow chain ply construction meant to help hold warmth in while keeping the yarn itself lightweight. This project takes just over half of the skein, so there’s not quite enough yarn to make two. You can always mix and match with some leftovers from another project for a second one. The total cost for this project is $16, needles not included.

Be sure to stop by the shop for even more quick project suggestions!

Have fun, don’t panic, and stitch on my fellow theorists!

On the 2nd Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…super cool pom-pom making kits!

img_3466      img_3408

One thing is for sure, we LOVE pom-poms in this shop. But sometimes those boring old fold up plastic pom-pom makers we usually use are, well, boring! But this kit takes everything boring about pom-pom makers and makes them fun again.

Each kit comes in a sturdy and beautiful box that contains two sizes of pom-pom makers, three mini skeins of yarn, and a booklet to help guide you through the whole process. Each of the pom-pom makers are magnetic and adorned with lovely artwork.

These kits are perfect gifts for older kids who love crafting (there’s photos of pom-poms turned into sheep and birds on the back of the box). We won’t judge you though if you need this little box of awesome all for yourself. Each kit is $30 plus tax.

Have fun and stitch pom-pom on my fellow theorists!

On the 3rd Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…beautiful ready-made items from local artists! Okay, we know we skipped a week, but we promise this week was worth the wait.

We love finding great things for the store that in turn help our fellow community members, and we know you do too. One of the things the shop constantly strives towards is finding items that are dyed/spun/made locally, sometimes by people you personally know, so you can always find something unique while helping the environment by cutting down on fuel usage for shipping.

This week we are featuring five of our local vendors and their hand crafted items that are available for sale here in the shop. Each of these items make perfect gifts as they are ready-made, saving you precious crafting time.


1 – Box Bags with Snap Closures from Rock Solid Designs

Stephanie, owner and sewist extraordinaire of Rock Solid Designs, spent a good portion of her life right here in Central PA. One of the items we adore from her is her box bags. They come in two different sizes to meet all of your project needs.

The best part? They use snaps instead of zippers as closures. This means you can keep your yarn in the bag, put the bag on your arm, and work on your project while standing in those long shopping lines, without snagging your yarn on a zipper or worrying about your yarn ball running away. Once you’re done knitting, just reopen the bag and pop everything back in!

2 – Bento Bags and Triangle Pouches from Lisa

Lisa is probably a familiar face to those of you who join us for Wednesday Stitch Nights. She lives locally and works up fantastic bags in her spare time that she graciously lets us sell right here in the shop!

Her bento bags are perfect for any project. They come with a drawstring to make sure everything stays neat and clean, or you can push the drawstring pouch down into the bag for ease of access.

Her triangle pouches are perfect for smaller projects like socks, mittens, and small scarves. Their unique shape makes them a great addition to your bag collection.

3 – Shoulder Bags from String Theory Yarn Shop

Yes, you read that right. When the days are slow you’re likely to find me, the fearless shop owner, hunched over a sewing machine working on these bags in what I lovingly refer to as “the sweatshop” (the secret void behind the wall!).

Our shoulder bags are great for larger projects that may not fit into smaller bags. Each one is reversible and has one pocket to hold your scissors, stitch markers, etc. We’re always finding fun new fabrics to make something extra special you’re sure to love.

4 – Knit Monsters from Sweet Little Knits

Carri, owner and fabulous knitter and crocheter, may also be a familiar face to some of you. She lives locally and works up some truly amazing things. One of the things we love most are her hand-knit monsters. They come in a variety of bright colors and fun shapes, and they’re here awaiting adoption to make your little monsters happy. Or you can keep it for yourself. We won’t tell, promise!

5 – Hand Woven Wool Rugs from Lambtail Weaving

It doesn’t get much more local than these beautiful wool rugs. Local sheep were sheared, their fleeces were milled and spun just north of Harrisburg, and the resulting yarn was woven into these rugs just south of Johnstown. Each rug is approximately 26″ x 48″ and will be sure to keep your feet safe from those cold hardwood and tile floors all year long.

We hope you’ll stop in and grab something for yourself or gift giving. When you do, you’ll be helping the dreams of our local makers come true!

On the 5th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

… an awesome sale announcement!

Okay, so we’re cheating a bit this week and not sharing a project, but we’re here with more details about our First Annual Fibertastic Friday Frenzy!

Forget Black Friday because our Fibertastic Friday Frenzy has all of the colors of the rainbow! The earlier you come, the more you will save, so be sure to add us to your holiday shopping list. We will be open on Friday, November 25th from 7am to 2pm with the following discounts available:

7am to 8am – 40% off

8am to 9am – 30% off

9am to 10am – 20% off

10am to 2pm – 10% off

Addi needles, Sweet Georgia yarns, and any items on consignment at the shop are excluded from the sale. All exclusions will be clearly marked.

Crabapple Yarns Trunk Show!

We will also have a trunk show featuring Crabapple Yarns starting at 10am on Friday and running through close of business on Saturday. Amanda, owner and dyer extraordinaire, will be bringing lots of goodies along for sale and she’s planning to hang around on Saturday for a bit if you’d like to meet her or have any questions for her.

LuLaRoe Pop Up Sale!


On Saturday we will have a pop up of lovely and simply comfortable clothing from LuLaRoe. Alicia will be here from 11am – 1pm and will have lots of inventory available for you to choose from. We’ll also have space available to try on items if needed.

We hope to see you there!

On the 6th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

Dragon’s Breath Cowl by Nim Teasdale!


This cowl is knit using just one skein of the light and fluffy Alpaca Lace from Cascade Yarns. This yarn is super soft 100% alpaca that has a beautiful loft and the magical alpaca ability to keep you nice and warm. The total cost for this project is (hold on to your butts!) $8.50, needles not included but the pattern is free. That’s right kids, eight dollars and fifty cents! We added beads to ours, which you can pick up at any craft store (check out the Potomac Bead Company on Main Street in Mechanicsburg for bead overload) for around $3. Talk about knitting bang for your buck!

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!

On the 7th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC!


This cowl is knit using five skeins of the soft and lovely Acadia from The Fibre Company. The silk noils in this yarn give the finished project some visual depth. We’ve made some modifications to the pattern so it can be knit in the round, just ask us for them when you pick up your yarn. The total cost for this project is $70, needles not included but the pattern is free.

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!

On the 8th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…the Not Knit Cowl by Benjamin Matthews!

This is the perfect weekend project to help keep the chilly air away. The cowl is crocheted using a size P hook that will help you finish this in no time (ours took about 4 hours total). We used three skeins of Diamond Tradition Chunky, one skein of each color, and we added three rows to each section for a super snugly version. The total cost for this project is $25.50 including the free pattern but not the hook.

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!

On the 9th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…the lovely Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf from Churchmouse Classics!

This is one of those rare magical knits that comes out beautifully no matter what. The pattern states that you can pick any three skeins of Koigu KPPPM and/or KPM and they will make a beautiful finished scarf, and they’re right! Because the linen stitch works and slips stitches on each row it helps the different colors blend perfectly. The total cost for this project is $48, pattern included, needles not.

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!

On the 10th Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…the lovely Lychee Mittens and Terra Striped Hat (designed by in-house shop theorist Nicole)!


This set was a fun and quick knit that you can whip up in a flash to shake off the fall chill or stash away for Hanukkah or Christmas gift giving. Making the most of the nicely sized Fibre Co Terra skeins we were able to get both pieces done using one skein of each color, and even had some leftovers. The total cost for these two projects is $64, needles not included but both patterns are free.

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!

11 Weeks of Christmas

Did you know that, as of today, there are only 11 weeks until both Christmas and Hanukkah? If you didn’t, now you do!

Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. For the next 11 weeks we will be featuring a different project each Fibertastic Friday that’s perfect to whip up for a gift. The closer we get to the holidays the easier and faster the projects will get.

On the 11th week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday gave to me…

Stocking Cap from Lisa Knits!

We’re currently working up a shop sample of this adorable project using Uptown Worsted in three fantastically bright colors. The total cost for this project, including the pattern but not needles, is $23. Add a fluffy soft pompom for just $5 more!

Have fun and stitch on my fellow theorists!