2nd Annual Selfish CAL/KAL!

January has arrived which, for most of us, means we are all done with our holiday knitting and crocheting. That means that it’s time for you to make something for, well, YOU!

Through the end of January, we’ll be helping you plot your perfect project by offering 20% off almost everything you’ll need for one awesome project. Either purchase a pattern here in the shop, or bring a free one you’ve found on Ravelry from home, pick out the perfect yarn, and get to stitching.

Looking for some ideas? Check out these patterns we’re currently in love with:


Here are pattern links in order from top to bottom, left to right:

All consignment items are excluded from the sale including Fiberrarium Yarns, Rock Solid Designs bags, L. Wilt bags, and MK Lower Pottery.

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