Classes – Spring 2023

We are currently in the early planning stages for our Spring 2023 classes.

Keep an eye here for updates, and we hope to have a class schedule ready for you in the beginning of March.

What are your classes like?

It is our goal to help you learn new techniques in order to expand the knowledge of your chosen craft and have fun while doing it! Your Shop Theorist teachers have been carefully chosen and will do their absolute best to see that you succeed. Classes are usually offered while the shop is closed to help keep distractions to a minimum. In order to be sure you get the attention you deserve, our classes will be limited to 6 students (any exceptions will be noted). Each session will be no longer than 2 hours. The bottom line? We want you to have a good time learning and hope you enjoy the opportunity to get to know some of your fellow yarn theorists a bit better!

Help! I’m stuck on something we learned in class!

If you need some clarification of a new skill between sessions or after your class has ended, stop by during our regular business hours so one of our Shop Theorists can assist you. We want to be sure you end up with an amazing finished project!

What happens if I feel that I need some one-on-one time?

Private classes are offered as Shop Theorists and teachers are available, and at a rate of $20 per hour (minimum one hour). If interested, please let one of our Shop Theorists know so we can work to have some time scheduled just for you.

Class Policies
  • Class enrollments are taken on a first come, first served basis. Payment is expected at the time of enrollment.
  • Materials needed to participate in class must be purchased from String Theory Yarn Shop. This helps ensure that you are choosing appropriate materials and also helps us keep our doors open. As a result of this policy, you will receive 20% off of any items purchased for your enrolled class.
  • We ask that you purchase and have yarn wound at least one day before your first session so class can start on time.
  • Classes must meet the minimum requirement of three enrolled students in order to run. If there are not enough students enrolled by one week before the start of class, that class will be cancelled/rescheduled and you will have the option to transfer payment to another class or receive a refund.
  • If you are unable to attend class for whatever reason you must notify us at least 48 hours before the first class session. If you do not notify us that you are unable to attend and do not show you will not be issued a refund.
  • Our Shop Theorist teachers have worked hard to put lesson plans and materials together for your class. Please be respectful of them and your fellow students and arrive a few minutes before the start of class to get situated. We also ask that cell phones be turned off once class begins.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all classes are for adults only.