It’s hotter than hot, it’s hot, Hot, HOT!

Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element

Well everyone, it’s July, and HOLY COW is it hot! We feel like we’re channeling Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element on the daily! (Also, if you have never seen this movie, stop what you’re doing right now and go stream it. You can thank me later.) It’s so hot that many of us put down our projects in favor of anything that will make us less warm, like popsicles, reading in the darkest, coolest corner of our homes, or simply laying naked by a fan. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is the perfect time of year to whip up all sorts of cute and small accessories that don’t lay on your lap and instead hang coolly from your hooks and needles.

The Thicket Headband by Mirella Moments

Thicket Headband, photo © Mirella Moments

This is a super cute headband that you can whip up in no time and will be ready for the first cool nights of fall when they inevitably sneak up on us. It calls for just over half of a 100g skein of worsted or aran weight yarn (ballpark is probably about 130yds) and US8 needles. The pattern will walk you through the super simple seaming to make the cute twisted knot that sets this headband off, and you can use the technique for any other headband you dream up. This pattern is available for free through Ravelry.

We recommend something delightfully soft yet warm, like Cascade Miraflores, Malabrigo Rios, or even Cascade Cherub Aran. Add a strand of Rico Designs mohair for an even warmer and fluffier version!

Enchanted Summer Shorties by Loulabella Knits

Enchanted Summer Shorties, photo © Loulabella Knits

In this shop we believe every day is the best day to be making socks. We love their portability and how they keep our attention just enough to keep away the boredom some other projects may bring (we’re looking at you sweater body stockinette slog-fests!). So if there was ever an even more perfect time to knit your own socks, it’s summer!

These socks are perfectly built for summertime wear with their short cuffs that will peek out over the edge of your sneakers while you work or run errands, and a stunning stitch pattern you can stare at when you kick those sneakers off at the end of the day. Depending on your foot size, each pair will take about 220yds of sock yarn and the pattern calls for US2/2.75mm needles (or use your usual sock needle size if you have one). This pattern can be purchased through Ravelry for £4.00. This is one of those rare patterns we can’t sell you in-store, so make sure to grab it off Ravelry yourself.

We recommend any fingering weight yarn with at least 20% nylon (for easy washing and durability), like Frog-It Yarns Merino Fingering, Cascade Heritage, or Manos del Uruguay Alegria.

Succulent Echeveria Amigurumi by Michael Hon

Succulent Echeveria Amigurumi, photo © Michael Hon

Finally, a plant that not even you can kill! There are all sorts of plant-based amigurumi patterns out there, but we love how adorable this little guy is, right down to his pot, cute safety eyes, and stitched smile. Wanna have even more fun? When you’re finished, grab some pink eyeshadow and “paint” the edges of the leaves to make them look even more realistic. Use any size yarn with the appropriate hook to make this succulent as big or small as you want. This pattern is available for in-store sale through Ravelry for $2.99.

We recommend Cascade Cherub Aran or Universal Deluxe DK Tweed for this project.

The World’s Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits

The World’s Simplest Mittens, photo © Tin Can Knits

We absolutely love Tin Can Knits patterns here, and this pattern is no exception. You can pick from four sizes and four different weights of yarn to make these warm mittens in whatever you’ve got lying around. We think these would be a really fun way to do some striped scrap busting, and would be equally beautiful made from a fresh-off-the-shelf skein of yarn. This pattern is available for free through Ravelry.

We recommend Berroco Vintage or Vintage Chunky, Dream in Color Cosette, and Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball for this project.

We hope you are inspired by these projects to get those hooks and needles moving. Feel free to stop in and ask us about even more fun heat-busting project ideas, as we have plenty! Oh, and stay cool, dear theorists!


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