We’re moving!

It’s Friday the 13th of January, and we thought we’d bring some good news to help break the bad luck some believe in on this kind of date.

We’re moving! But don’t worry, it’s not far! We’re only moving about 30 feet to the right, and taking over the old Carriage House Boutique space. We plan to be in our new space starting March 1st, but we will keep you posted if that date changes. We will also be sure to have good signage in the old space to help guide you towards the new one.

So what does this mean? Our hours will not change! We will still be open standard hours during the move. This means lots of work for us (hey, nothing comes easy right?). This means more space for us to gather for open stitch times. This means, most importantly, even more space for new yarns without getting rid of old but wonderful yarns!

We can’t wait to get settled in and welcome all of you into our new space. Talk about new year, new you! Be sure to keep an eye here and on facebook for updates.


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