On the 2nd Week of Christmas Fibertastic Friday Gave to Me…

…super cool pom-pom making kits!

img_3466      img_3408

One thing is for sure, we LOVE pom-poms in this shop. But sometimes those boring old fold up plastic pom-pom makers we usually use are, well, boring! But this kit takes everything boring about pom-pom makers and makes them fun again.

Each kit comes in a sturdy and beautiful box that contains two sizes of pom-pom makers, three mini skeins of yarn, and a booklet to help guide you through the whole process. Each of the pom-pom makers are magnetic and adorned with lovely artwork.

These kits are perfect gifts for older kids who love crafting (there’s photos of pom-poms turned into sheep and birds on the back of the box). We won’t judge you though if you need this little box of awesome all for yourself. Each kit is $30 plus tax.

Have fun and stitch pom-pom on my fellow theorists!

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